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Classroom discussion

The Humanities Core consists of three tiers:

  1. Foundations: A foundational lecture course that leads you on an investigation of the ancient origins of world civilizations. 
  2. Traditions: A series of parallel tracks, each of which focuses on the literary, cultural, and philosophical traditions emanating from a region broadly construed, on a “Great Books” model. These tracks will consist of a three-course sequence; courses will primarily be offered as seminars. We are currently planning four tracks:
  • Africa and Its Diasporas
  • East Asian
  • European
  • Middle East
  1. Disciplines: A series of introductory courses to the various humanities disciplines, some of which already exist (e.g., ARTHIST 1B, or PHIL 1).
While there are no prerequisites for any of the classes, you are encouraged to take the Traditions courses in sequential order during your freshman or sophomore year.


Students who take all three courses in a Traditions track will receive a Humanities Core certificate. 
Plans are also underway to create a new humanities minor, for which students would likely take the Foundations course, in addition to three courses in a Traditions track, plus two other humanities courses of their choosing.