Stanford University
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Global Explorations

Take part in the discussions that human beings have been having over the last four thousand years all over our world.

The Humanities Core at Stanford is a chance to explore traditions, texts, ideas, intellectual and literary history around the world. No tradition or canon exists in a vacuum, and across the globe, throughout history, any given culture is shaped by encounters with other cultures and forms of thought.

The structure of the Humanities Core enables you to see how ideas like these connect and compare around the world in the past and the present. Taking courses in the core will help you develop deeper familiarity with foundational stories and sets of enduring questions of value and meaning. 

In the Humanities Core you will study origins by learning about Sima Qian, a historian from Ancient China known as the "Grand Scribe," alongside the flood story in Genesis. You will think about self and society by studying both Plato’s cave and the cave hidden in by Rabbi Shimon in the second century CE. These are ideas without borders, from China, Greece, Egypt, and much much more.

The Humanities Core also offers opportunities to demonstrate your achievements by earning a humanities minor or certificate.